AGR International Glass

This animation has a transition from live video to 3D. Most who watch it do not notice because it is subtle and quick. I did every aspect of this video from production to the animation. The actors in this video were the director of EMG, my daughter, and my wife. The most challenging part of this video was using the Real Flow plugin for fluids. I was able to get the fluid to work beautifully but guessing the amount needed to fill the bottle was always a challenge. The main issue was the processing time it took to run the simulation. When I started using larger mesh wraps for faster calculations, I was able to complete the project faster, but with a deadline quickly approaching, I did not have another couple of days to run this on a small mesh. That is why the water looks, chunky. On a previous video I did for AGR I used the standalone program Real Flow and had no issues. However, that simulation took about 2 weeks. There are some lovely texture and camera movements in this animation. Glass is very hard to render in 3D because you are not just building a bottle, you need to build an entire environment so that glass bottle has something to reflect and refract. This was under the art direction of EMG.